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Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Arianna has been acting very fearful lately. We have recently moved and I am sure that is partially to blame. We have also been talking and reading about emotions, but she's rather obsessed with fear lately.

Yesterday, she said, "Scare you?" in a frightened tone. I asked what was scaring her and she said, "Man, get Anna?" I assured her that the man we passed in the hall was not going to get her. Andrew and I told her we would never let anyone get Arianna or hurt her. She didn't seem very impressed.

Even before we moved, she would scurry into the nearest lap when she heard an unfamiliar sound outside.

My question is, "Where does fear come from?" Should I be thankful that she has a strong instinct for self-preservation, especially in this day and age? Is she picking up on our unconscious anxiety about moving to a new place? And how do you balance survival mode with becoming a social adept?

When we take Arianna to storytime at the library, she doesn't seem to have those fears about her peers. I am going to be on the look out for any more signs of anxiety, though.



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