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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Kidnapper revealed

We just had to get Rumples back, so I waited and waited and waited.

I got a call from the kidnapper. They demanded $500, a can of tuna with the label torn off and that I meet them at the corner of 3rd and 48th St. They must have been using some kind of voice simulator; it sounded like I was talking to a muppet.

I politely explained that I was new in Manchester and that I didn't know exactly where that was. The kidnapper paused for a moment and said, "Well, I prefer PayPal anyways, so you can just send it to my account at"

Then I knew what had REALLY happened.

We have a VERY clever, albeit mischievous, little puppet.


P.S. Thank you Aunt Sharifa and Uncle Ed for bringing our little wayward tiger home!


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