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Friday, February 11, 2005


Arianna has a special friend named Rumples. He is a white and black tiger puppet with a silly Santa hat and a scarf. Rumples and Arianna do everything together. When Arianna gets a diaper change, Arianna has to change his diaper. When she plays, Rumples has to chase her. When we put her to bed last night, we found Rumples nicely buckled into Arianna's feeding chair, apparently waiting for the next meal.

Tonight, Arianna brought Rumples into bed to have milkies. We tucked him under the covers behind her (the two of them took up half of the bed). Every 30 seconds, she unlatched herself, turned around, and said something to Rumples. I asked aloud if it was wise to have Rumples in bed with us because he is so distracting. Daddy came to the rescue and escorted Rumples to the toy box so he could sleep with his other stuffed animal "friends."

I will breastfeed my 19 month old, but I draw the line at stuffed tigers.



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