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Friday, February 25, 2005

Thank goodness for baby slings

We went to our Tiny Tots time at the library again. We love Fridays because we get to see Tony Chestnut, the monkey puppet my daughter adores.

She is becoming alarmingly comfortable at the library. During the story, Arianna is usually watching the other children. The boy next to us was drinking from a sippie cup and had a baggie of cereal (late risers, perhaps?). I had to hold her back by her shirt collar to keep her from appropriating the boy's snacks. He was rather upset to be ogled while he ate and I can't say that I blamed him.

Arianna is ALWAYS hungry. We feed her every hour or two, but if something is going around, she has to be in on the action. At least she is using her energy to grow up and not out.

While we're on the subject, I have been losing weight again. I was wearing my favorite red Lands' End 7-day pants, the only ones that semi-fit me now, and Andrew laughingly told me my pants were too big. I was rather indignant because that means one out of the two pairs of pants that I can actually wear apparently makes me look like a clown! I don't want to buy smaller pants. Once I stop breastfeeding, I'm sure to go back to my regular size. I have just never had this problem before. I am used to my weight being stable.

Anyways, back to the library. Arianna was thrilled because we stayed late and helped the librarian, Miss Kathy, put the puzzles away and she let Arianna hold Tony and use him as a puppet. She even gave "Miss Kathy" a hug. Today, Arianna kept on talking about seeing grandma at the library. She talked to my mom last night, so I thought she was referring to their conversation and got it mixed up with the library. Now I am wondering if she thinks "Miss Kathy" is another grandma? I should have known better, Arianna doesn't seem to mix things up like that; this girl doesn't miss a trick.

After we cleaned up, we picked out some books and got ready to leave. I had Arianna in my hemp ring sling that I made. I started talking to a graphic designer on the way out. He might be able to help Andrew with his advertising. Very nice guy. While I was talking to him, I was also juggling our 4 books, CD of toddler music, a huge piece of foil-backed sticky paper Miss Kathy gave us to take home, and Arianna, who was comfortably resting on my hip. There is no way we could have done it without the sling. We walked to the car without losing a thing.

Sometimes I feel bad for parents when I see them juggling bags and chasing kids around, or wearily carrying a toddler in their arms. I just want to whip out a sling and toss it to them, like a life line to someone flailing in deep water. I just don't understand why it isn't more culturally acceptable to "wear your baby."

My first time to that library was during their annual book sale a few weeks ago. $7 for a paper grocery bag full of books of your choice. We went a little crazy. I used the sling to carry one bag of books while I held the other bag with my free arm.

I think I should make an ad:
Baby slings -- not just for babies anymore.

Rebecca, who is feeling extra enthusiastic about finishing up my baby carrier e-book now!


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