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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

In like a Lion

March is certainly living up to its reputation. We just received several inches of snow last night and there is more on the way. Hope the end of March is more docile.

I have been working for MONTHS on this wool soaker for Arianna and I am almost finished. I asked my friend, Nick, for some pointers and was thrilled to discover she has a new website up for selling her soakers at: The site is way cool and her color choices are inspiring. We'll see how Arianna does with mine before we start ordering more.

For those uninitiated to cloth diaper-speak, a wool soaker is a knitted diaper cover! But they aren't just for cloth diapered babes, these little butt sweaters will liven up any child's wardrobe, while containing any leaks.

I have to give Nick credit; it's not easy being an online entrepreneur. I made some baby slings a few months ago to sell and it was harder than I thought. I guess I thought that a few google adwords would gain me some business, but marketing is truly a science. I guess everyone's first business flops, right, right? I have a few slings left, if anyone is interested! I am also looking for a used mei tai to buy or swap.

My eBay auctions are doing well. I have some baby products that retain their value, so I started them at 99 cents. Once the bidding got going, the prices went way higher than my first auction, which I started at $5.99 for the same thing. Interesting how pack-like we are. When someone places that first bid, everyone wants a piece of the action.

Back to Arianna, the star of my blog. Does, "Daddy, name Andrew, get washcloth," qualify as a sentence? And is it normal for a 19-month old to call her daddy by his first name?

I am going to preview a Kindermusik class for Arianna next week. She is starting to sing snippets of songs. Tony Chestnut was the first song she sang in its entirety last Saturday. It was too precious for words! We need to work a little on her pitch, though. She loves fingerplays, action rhymes, poetry, nursery rhymes, and little dances now.

We love our happy little girl.


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