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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Just for you

Arianna said something to me a few days ago that I found rather odd. She was pretending to skateboard on the bed railing (I only know because that's what she told me). Then she looked up at me rather earnestly and said, "Skateboards only for boys."

I was shocked and wasn't sure how to respond. I told her the truth, "Skateboards are for boys and girls. Mommy used to love riding her skateboard when she was a little girl."

She then reiterated, "Skateboards for boys AND girls."

Where did this idea come from? I don't want my daughter to feel like she can't do certain things because she is a girl. Was it possible that she was just experimenting with the "only for" idea because sometimes we tell Arianna, "Cough drops are only for daddies." But that doesn't make sense, because children can't generalize concepts/transfer them to new situations until they are much older (like 4 or 5).

On a more positive note, the warm weather is making the lake ALMOST swimmable. Of course, Andrew the polar bear has taken a few dips already! It was lovely to be down at the water as we watched the crescent moon set.

Too bad swimming in cold water is just for boys....



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