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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

House Husband

I've been enjoying being the house-husband this week as Rebecca has been working to finish her e-book. Arianna and I had a good morning mowing the lawn, cleaning up the house, vacuuming, sweeping and mopping the floors. She is such a good helper. She loves to pitch in!

We took a few breaks from work to dance a little. One of her favorite books right now is called "Barn Dance." It's about a scarecrow and a bunch of farm animals that gather together one night for a square dance in the barn.

Well, Arianna thought she was something dancing. While she was dancing she said she was doing the "wagon-wheel, barnyard style." Then she danced a "horsey-do" (Arianna's very own version of a dosi-do). It's so cute to see her romp around the floor.

We also took a break to swim in the lake. Arianna has become a little fish -- she refuses to get out of the water when everyone else is tired, and our toes have turned into prunes. She wants to continually practice her "puppy-paddle."

She's way more work than a puppy, but she's a lot more fun too (and she doesn't chew on my slippers). I think she's a keeper!



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