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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Off we go!

Into the wild blue yonder...

We're heading to Florida tomorrow to visit Mema and attend a real estate conference. I hear there's a hurricane brewing for Saturday. Yee-haw. The last time we went to Florida, we were stranded there for 2 days because of Hurricane Jeanne. Mema told us to stop bringing those darned hurricanes with us!

I have been crazy busy with two online courses I am taking right now. They are absolutely wonderful and I am learning so much, but everything else is on the back burner (blogging included). Sorry.

Here's one little tidbit I can share with you: When asked what Daddy does at work, Arianna says, "He hugs kids and gives them cough drops so they feel better." Andrew is an NP and says he wishes it was that easy!

See you next week, when we return from our latest adventure,


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