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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Hip Daddy ??

I found this article accidentally when I was trying to research a new baby carrier called the Hip daddy. I was shocked to find that there are strollers that cost $700+ on the market and PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY BUYING THEM!!

I've been busy on the babywearing swap and just received a BoopaPakka from and a wide blanket podeagi from I made a few mei tais, but they are very tricky to sew. I had an easier time making my ergo-type carrier! You have to get the angles just right, without getting the body too wide, and there is a huge difference when you change fabrics and shoulder padding!

I could never make a mei tai that was more comfortable than my ergo-type one. I did find a papatum carrier, which looked a LOT like an Ergo, although not as versatile because they were selling two different sizes.

Arianna will still let me experiment on her when I get a new baby carrier, but the only time I can wear her for long periods of time is when we take walks. Even so, I know my babywearing days are numbered! Wah!

Oh, by the way, I redid my Thriving Babies website. When you go to you will be able to sign up for my babywearing e-course. There is a link to the order page in the P.S. at the bottom, otherwise the new order page is on

I will give a more detailed review on my new carriers soon.


P.S. Is it strange for a toddler to pretend her pieces of chicken are something else when she is eating dinner? Like, "Here is a baby in a swim diaper. And this is a little kitty. And this is a big bad kitty - ROAR!"

P.P.S. Her little stories are too cute! Her first story went like this, "Once upon a Sly, Sly Kitty...ran up the tree house!"


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