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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Yes, I'm still here!

Just in case you were starting to wonder! I know, it's been weeks since my last post -- I'm a baaad girl. Make that a busy girl. In the past 3 weeks I have celebrated another personal new year, attended a 2-day real estate seminar, closed on our first investment property, learned how to become a property manager, ran an Open House to attract some good tenants, screened said tenants and found some winners (and some real losers, too), am in the process of closing on our second property, and am recuperating from my second cold!

I miss chatting with people, as part of my reading specialist duties, and have enjoyed my new role as property manager. It seems like everyone I talk to has an interesting real estate angle or lead for me to follow up on -- "Do you have any one bedrooms available?" "Do you want to buy my duplex? I'm sick of it" "I have a house for sale in Irondequoit" "I have a couple of rental houses and I love it." EVERYONE has a story to tell, whether it's a tenant applicant who has been displaced by the hurricane, a burned out landlord willing to sell me his property for a song, or a fellow investor who wants to mastermind with me. It's very invigorating but it does cut into my family time.

Arianna doesn't seem any the worse for wear. She continues to grow by leaps and bounds and amaze me. We went grocery shopping a few days ago and an employee was giving out free samples of a new kind of apple. Arianna had just commented that she wanted an apple, so I grabbed a toothpick-speared piece and invited her to take a nibble.

She was suddenly very shy and backed away, so I did a little modeling. I took a bite and told her it tasted sweet and yummy. I started talking to the man and she soon grabbed the apple and ate it. The man suggested that perhaps her panda bear would like a taste of apple, too.

Arianna replied, "She's only a PRETEND bear." Like, duh, of course she can't really EAT anything! The gentleman thought she was quite a hoot.

So do I.



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