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Monday, February 20, 2006

Philadelphia Chickens

We went to Lift Bridge Kids Bookstore on Saturday for a preview of Sandra Boynton's new book/CD entitled, "Dog Train". We enjoyed the activities and bought the book/music CD "Philadelphia Chickens" which the bookstore worker touted as her best.

Well, we have been enjoying the well-produced musical ensembles and Arianna's favorite song is "Snoozers". Here's a little taste of Boynton's bubbly, fun lyrics (many of which are based on previous board books):
We like to snooze horizontal
We like to snooze upside-down
We like to snooze however we choose
Snoozing around the town.
But when the world grows quiet
And the evening moon is bright,
We put on pajamas and hug all our mommas
And never go to sleep all night!

The music is performed by Kevin Bacon and his brother.

Other rhythmical fancies are performed by Meryl Streep, Kevin Kline, and the Heath Sisters, among others.

Off to dance to another round of Snoozers . . .
Those Philadelphia Chickens sure know how to party!



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