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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Kids say the darnedest things!

Here are a couple of gems from Arianna:

One: Upon waking from a nap, she turns to Andrew and says,

"We're awake, said James, brightening a little."

(For those uninitiated to the world of Thomas the Tank Engine,
James is an engine and Arianna pretends to be ALL of them.)

Two: I caught the tail end of a story she was telling about Thomas (played by HER)
getting stuck on the tracks this morning:

"Just then, Gordon came in.
They all laughed a bit.
It was a funny sight."

Three: One of our neighbors said, "Hi Arianna, how are you?"

Her reply, "I'm NOT Arianna, I'm Lowly Worm!"
Luckily, she said it low enough so that no one heard her haughty little comment.

Four: One day, we were all talking about how children look like one (as is Arianna's case)
or both of your parents. Arianna was very upset that I didn't have blue eyes like her and her daddy. She asked me to change them and I told her I couldn't.

I explained, "You look like your daddy. And Daddy looks like his Mommy, Mema."
Arianna stared thoughtfully at Andrew's face and responded, "But Mema doesn't have WHISKERS, though."

Four B: And when she was REALLY mad at me once for putting the kabash on one of her little toddler schemes (could it have been when she deliberately through rice all over the pantry floor to make a mess, emulating her daddy? Or was it when she smeared an entire tube of lip gloss all over the windows and her easel tray? Or the time she tried to shove a piece of rotini pasta up her nose because she was told not to? How quickly the mind forgets.)
she said in a scathing tone, "I want a NICE mommy with BLUE eyes!"

(I say, "Dream on!")

Yes, we are definitely starting to see some interesting behavior from our little 31-month-old vixen!



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