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Friday, April 07, 2006

Zooglobble Music Review

Two things today. First off, Arianna had her first dental cleaning and check-up this week. We went to a pediatric dentist at Lakeside Hospital. Arianna was comforted by her daddy's presence. He sat in the dentist's chair and Arianna sat on his lap. She did very well and everyone was impressed that she listened and did whatever they asked. The boy in the next room was screaming his head off.

It was a bit annoying that the dentist only gave negative feedback, "She has a lot of plaque." Andrew also had to beg the hygienist for information such as, how can I brush her teeth better and what seem to be the problem areas? And they wonder why some people develop an aversion to seeing them?

Just FYI: the dental hygienist said don't be afraid of brushing the tops of the molars hard, ask her to close her mouth (rather than open wide) when brushing the sides of the teeth, and don't forget to brush the back of the front teeth well. When you brush your top teeth, you should angle the toothbrush up a bit (so it's touching the whole tooth and only a little bit of the gum) and use small, circular strokes at the gumline.

Despite the minor annoyances, Arianna now has shiny white teeth that she is very proud of and interested in helping them stay that way. Mission Accomplished!

Second thing: a friend just sent me a link to a review site that focuses on music for children that adults can enjoy too. What a concept. It's written by a parent and he has a great sense of humor, a clever writing style, and some great suggestions for music the whole family can appreciate.

That's all for now!
Rebecca and Andrew


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Going to the dentist is like going to confession. It always ends with guilt. I usually just get a new dentist each time so that I don't have to get that look when they realize how long it's been since my last visit.

Guess I need to start setting a better example for the little one though...

Monday, April 24, 2006 10:11:00 AM EDT  

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