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Thursday, August 31, 2006

100th Post!

Okay, I've been procrastinating this blog entry because it will be my 100th post. I know, that's a lot of bragging about my daughter, but you are willingly subjecting yourself to it!

Our family has been wonderfully busy with our e-books and our real estate ventures. Arianna is growing by leaps and bounds and I love chatting with her. She's so sophisticated but still sees the world so uniquely. She makes me laugh. We say, "I love you" to each other as much as two teenagers in love would and she gives the best hugs. She is far too tall and too smart for just turning three and everyone is shocked when they discover her true age.

We investigated a Montessori preschool in Rochester. The payments will be quite dear, but I just love the 2 parents who run it and their children. We're expecting to move to Rochester as soon as we fix up the house we just bought, but only for the cold months. We're undecided about what to do with our cottage on the lake, which we have called home for the past six years now. I've always lived in the country and don't want to lock myself in to a distasteful situation if I can't tolerate the city.

Rochester is pretty tame and the house we bought was so cheap, we could've put it on a credit card! Granted, it needs work, but it's in a good neighborhood and obscenely close to Andrew's work -- 1.6 miles. After 6 years of a 45 minute commute each way, Andrew is probably most pleased about the location (with the low cost coming in as a close second).

I'm off to an info-product conference in San Diego next month, so who knows when I'll have time to pack and move, let alone FIX up the house! Will we like the city? Will we come rushing back to Kendall with tail between our legs before Christmastime?

Stay tuned . . .


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