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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Week 16

Baby #2 passed its first test with flying colors. The Nuchal Translucency (NT) combines information from the mother's age, a blood test with information from an ultrasound to determine the baby's chances of genetic defects, such as Down's Syndrome and Trisomy-5. We also tested for Cystic Fibrosis on the blood test. Although not a 100% guarantee, our risks are extremely low on all counts.

We chose to have the NT done as opposed to the Chorionic Villi Sampling (spelling?) or Amniocentesis because it was non-invasive and posed no risk to the baby. If our risk was shown to be worse than the average, we would have to choose whether to get more conclusive testing done with either the CVS (if it was still early enough) or the amniocentesis. Luckily, we don't think we need to go that route. Baby seems healthy and quite active! What a relief.

On the homefront, we had a lovely visit with Mema, Arianna's paternal grandmother. She flew up from Florida to spend Thanksgiving week with us and we took great pleasure in spoiling Mema with her favorite culinary delights as well as treating her to some new ones. Mema and Arianna got along famously and spent hours playing with Play-Doh, crafts, books, and trains. We were sad to see her go.

This week, our new house in the city seems to be coming together at last. The kitchen is finished, except for a few spots to paint, the new windows are in, and Andrew just moved a pick-up truck full of our furniture over there. We hope the bathroom and all the loose ends will be finished by Friday so we can move over the weekend. If you have a strong back and are available, come on down -- the more the merrier!

I have designed some new light-block curtains/roman shades for the master bedroom. If the installation goes well, the other bedrooms will get the same treatment. Blocking out the morning light was CRITICAL in getting Arianna to sleep late during those bright summer days, so I created these curtains with her in mind.

I can't post pictures on blogger, but I can on Arianna's WordPress blog. I'll put up some before and after pics of the house as well as the new curtains.

I'm also thinking about creating a book of my favorite dinner recipes, with a shopping list included. I have enjoyed Saving Dinner, but have outgrown it and prefer menus with more of an international flair with meat being optional. That'll be a good project for the New year!

I just recently joined Healthy Menu Mailer and they provide more variety than Saving Dinner. It's run by two great work at home moms!

Well, that's it for November!


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