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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Moving Mayhem

Well, we moved to Rochester a few days ago. We just got internet service today. We still have the same telephone number by the way.

My mom and uncle came up a few days ago to help us with those last minute details -- touching up the paint, figuring out why the oven doesn't work, fixing my kitchen sink, and scrubbing the wallboard dust and grime off of everything.

There are so many little things when you move -- installing towel bars so your towels don't mildew in a heap on the floor, figuring out where to put the pots and the canned goods and the new paper towel holder (that I put together crooked). It's overwhelming to put so much energy into all of those minor details at once!

The good news is, everyone is making the transition well. Andrew loves his new "commute" 1.6 miles down the road, Arianna loves her new toy room and I am itching to set up my sewing desk in the office so I can make some more curtains! The cats are even yowling less although they are still very confused.

The bad news is we had a leak from some newly installed pipe in the shower. It's amazing how much damage a small leak can do in a few hours time! Luckily, we have an awesome plumber who came right out and fixed everything. (His name is Jim Crowley on Thurston Road for you Rochester folks.) I also haven't found my slippers yet, amongst countless other little niceties, like my spice rack and my frying pan.

The camera is floating around somewhere, but I haven't uploaded the house pictures yet. I promise I will get to it as soon as the chaos dies down. I also have some lovely holiday pictures of Arianna from Sears, but I can't find my greeting cards, let alone the stamps.

Do you notice a theme here? If we're lucky, maybe we'll get our Xmas tree decorated before January!

Joyful wishes,


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