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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Stranger Than Fiction

I keep forgetting to write about this cool movie that Andrew and I saw. It was more like watching a play than a movie. Not only were the actors fantastic, but it was all plot -- no guns or wild action. And the writers utilized so many literary elements, the movie could easily be used for a literature class!

Anyway, the story is about a man who discovers he is a character in a book. It's hysterically funny how he happens upon this information. But his story isn't finished yet and he is desperately trying to find the author because he is opting for a happy ending rather than a tragic one.

I haven't enjoyed such a thought-provoking movie in a long time! It was great for our date night because we had so much to talk about after watching it together. Wonderful use of literary devices, excellent acting, and existential issues galore. We give it four thumbs up!

Rebecca and Andrew


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