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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Goods 4 Girls. org

Someone just sent me a link to this site and it is SUCH a great idea! If you are a sewer, or know someone who sews, I'd encourage them to check out this site. Not only is it a great gift-giving idea for your holiday donations to those in need, but the website also has great links to free sewing patterns for cloth/reusable menstrual pads that you can use for yourself too!

Here is an excerpt from the website:

"In many areas of the world, access to adequate menstrual supplies is difficult to come by. Many women and girls rely on rags, newspaper, camel skin or nothing at all for their menstrual needs. A lack of sanitary pads can be a big barrier to a girl's education.

It may seem difficult to comprehend for many women who have easy access to a varied source of supplies, but we can all appreciate how difficult life would be without them. Imagine trying to go to school or work without protection. For many, it brings life to a halt."

Find out more on how you can help empower girls in Africa respect their bodies without sacrificing educational opportunities:


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